We are engaged in linear and tramp transportation of oil, oil products, vegetable oils and chemical cargoes. We deliver cargoes along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation and adjacent seas.


Igor Alexandrovich Ganin
General Director (846) 373-80-33
Sergey Vasilyevich Litventsov
Fleet Manager (846) 373-80-31
Vyacheslav Viktorovich Mysak
Commercial Manager (846) 373-80-71
Elena Leonidovna Doronenko
Personnel Manager (846) 373-80-61

History of success


A shipping company “Burren Energy Shipping & Transportation (Samara) Limited” (BEST) was set up by an English oil company Burren Energy LLC.

The BEST’s fleet comprised of 8 oil tankers of Volgoneft type (Volgograd shipyard) and 3 tug-barge trains (projects of the Leningrad shipyard Pella and Kostroma shipyard).


PRIME SHIPPING LLC was splitted off from BEST. The founder was the Italian company PB Tankers, a part of Pietro Barbaro group — one of the leading shipping companies in Italy.

Construction of a new fleet started dynamically in the Kostroma shipyard, Nizhny Novgorod shipyard “Krasnoye Sormovo”, JSC “Pella”. The fleet was replenished with 8 new tankers and 2 tug-barge trains.


PRIME SHIPPING received in operation the vessels of the other companies – the projects “Plavuchaya Gostinitsa”, “Vodoley” and “Shuttle”.


Considerable renewal of the existing tanker fleet started, when at the Chinese shipyards Yangzhou Haichuan Shipyard co. and Yangzhou Kejin Shipyard co. the first 6 newly built hulls of tankers-chemical carriers were laid. The vessels are designed according to the up-to-date technologies.

The company's fleet was transferred to heavy fuel.


Upgrading of the tug-barge trains for fitting of a Japanese coupling device Articouple started. The rigid coupling (instead of fore coupling device) allowed to reduce the downtime of vessels, increase the transportation speed and increase the crew safety.


Completion of upgrading and renewal of tanker and tug-barge fleet of the company. In total PRIME SHIPPING had in operation 20 modern river-sea tankers and 5 tug-barge trains with an innovative coupling device.


On September 1, the company became a part of Prime Shipping Holding, which was founded by the subsidiaries of Rosneft and Sberbank, as well as by a foreign company Pietro Barbaro SpA, being formerly the sole owner. 

On October 16, Rosneft announced an increase in the efficiency of river transportation owing to the use of the PRIME SHIPPING fleet.